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Dashboard gives the real-time synopsis of prospect in detail, data source (Campaign), users and current disposition status for today.

Campaign : Current active campaign count in BeTyphon for calling

Assigned Members : Number of active users (Agent/ Field Executive/ Manager) in BeTyphon

Fresh Prospect : Total number of fresh customer (untouched prospect) available for calling in all campaign

Pending Call : Total scheduled calls by agent where callback get mentioned (Overdue + today followups + upcoming)

New Prospect : It shows the count of prospect which get insereted/ created by any medium - (Manual entry + CSV upload + API Integration + Marketplace)

Today Calls : Total number of calls (prospect status updation) done by the users for today only

Followups : Number of unique prospect followups from today calling where callback get mentioned

Overdue Followups : It shows the count of followups which get overdue for today only.  

Total Prospects : Its a count of unique prospect which touched (disposition updates) by users

Fresh Prospects : Its a count of unique prospect which touched first time by users

All below reports in pivot views for more clarity :

Latest Responses : Report based on overall disposition updation of today called prospects by all users. Its functioned automatically in tree mechanisum as disposition get created by admin. It shows the count and percentage of called prospects.

Campaign-wise Responses : Its based on prospect called (disposition updates) by campaign wise. Disposition count can also be visible by click on campaign

Agent-wise Responses : It shows the agent wise called prospect in all assigned campaign with all detailed dispositions. (Called count is clickable to view the disposition status individually of users)

Note : 

# Dashboard can be filtered for previous day wise from "date selection"

# Each user can have the view of his individual report as well in his/her account.

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