Definition about all points


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Campaign is a list of prospects created.


Prospects are individual records entered into the system.


Subscriber to Betyphon is assigned the number of users they subscribe for. A user has a role, which determines what he/she can do within BeTyphon.


User can be added to a campaign as a member. Only members of a campaign have access to the prospects and campaign. BeTyphon enforces a user to choose a disposition at the end of a call, so that next steps can be determined and a admin can know what stage a Prospect is at.

Global Search

The Global search is available on the top header. Here, telecaller/field executive manager/admin can search any of the prospects based on their mobile number. Prospects with the matching number are displayed from all the campaigns.


The Dispostion, is a status of prosect which mark by user after calling to him/her. Disposition get created by Admin in customized way as per need.


The Form, is a field whilch can designed by admin in customized and structured format, it can be mapped with disposition also. So while calling a customer by user- he/she can filled the details and save the information in Betyphon

Prospect Logs

Logs are generated automatically as prospect are getting inserted thru campaign API or CSV excel file upload wherein its show the each prospect status as inserted/ duplicated/ repeated or updated.

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