What all other different roles


Last Update 3 years ago

Currently BeTyphon supports the mentioned below roles –

Account Admin

An Account Admin is essentially the Admin for his/her own account. He can add/edit/disable users, set up telephony methods. The id, using which an account is created is by default an Admin Account for that Account.


A Manager has all rights within a Campaign for which he/she manage. He/She can create campaigns, import prospects, view data of all members within a campaign, assign/reassign prospects, can add/delete members in a campaign etc. In the report section of BeTyphon, a Manager can view details of all users within a campaign and for all campaigns they are a Manager for.


Telecaller’s role in BeTyphon is primarily to call Prospects within a Campaign. A Telecaller can only see the data that is assigned to them and unassigned data available in the common pool.

Field Executive

Field Executive’s role in BeTyphon is primarily to make field visits to Prospects. A Field Executive can only see data that is assigned to them.

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