Difference between Calling from Mobile Number VS IVR Click2call calling


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As BeTyphon is Mobile Dialing CRM, wherein we offers the dialing thru IVR Click2call (Cloud diialer Calling) and Calling from Mobile SIM Card.   

While creating campign, Subscriber can choose the dropdown of calling mechanism under the "telephony" option. IVR Click2call-telephony option need to setup for account priorly to get an option in "telephony"

Note : 

#  For IVR Click2call dilaing, User Phone number need to be updated in BeTyphon profile. 

#  Call charges are based on consumption, You can ask unlimited calls plan 

IVR Click2Call Dialing Mobile CRM - SIM Card Dialing
Calls talk-time, recording, Cross-mapping with prospect is available Calls talk-time, recording, Cross-mapping with prospect is available
Calls will be dialed from single DID number thru Cloud dialing Calls will be dialed from Mobile SIM card of user 
IVR - Click2Call, connectivity will be 1st call to user mobile and other call to prospect Call will be dialed direcly as normal calling process
Auto-recording of all calls as dialed from cloud telephony Recording source is from phone recorder and thirdparty application 
Live call barging and whispering thru panel Call barging is not possible as its dialing thru Mobile (Conference call is alternate for it)
Cost difference of call dialing Rs. 0.70 Paisa / Per Minute and 2 calls will be charged /billed on connected call Cost is just Mobile Sim Card recharge only - as telecom plans.
Generally, incoming calls not been used but it can be forwaded to fixed numbers Incoming calls will be received normally on phone
Insace of local-premisis setup, Calls can be dialed/ received thru softphone in laptop /computer  Calls will be dialed thru Mobile only as SIM card placement
Prospect number masking/hiding from user in recent history even Prospect number masking/ hiding from Application, but it will be visible in Recent call history (Alternate is Application lock in phone)

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