How to map the Call Recording


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For Call recording Mapping (Its work only in android phone):

1) Phone suppose to have auto-recording feature

2) Third-party Call Recording application (ACR / Cube) can be installed incase of Auto-recording feature not available on phone. (Third-party call recording application always have quality concern based on handset to handset)

3) Call details will be auto captured and get mapped with Prospect automatically.

Thru Click2call (IVR Solution) - For Call dialing it can also use (Dialing Charges will be applicable). To know more, Click here

Process of map the recording :-

Step 1 : Download the applicaiton from betyphon login page. Click here

Step 2 : While login select the recording source - below the "Submit" button on login page. (Currently recording source is 3 type, Phone Recorder - "auto recorder", ACR - "Third party application for call recording", Cube - "Thirdparty application for call recording")

Step 3 : Select the recording source - if like to use ACR/ Cube for call recording source. Or incase of "Phone Recorder" - Click on "Map Call Recording" and it will take you "SETTING" menu.

Step 4 : Find the Recording folder where all recordings getting saved.  Click on any recording to map with BeTyphon - As you select the recording, it will take you back to betyphon application again.

Step 5 : Click on "Submit"  and "Tap to Sync"

Step 6 : Now you can check your call details and recording on activity page under the Betyphon Application.

Note :

# Wi-Fi calling thru phone will not generate the auto-recording (Incase of phone having auto-recording feature even, call recording will not be genrated- as the android policy)

# Specifically those call details and recording will be synced from the day when user account get created in BeTyphon.

# Betyphon application from playstore don't have the call recording features

# Ensure the atleast 1 recording to be placed in respective folder - Kindly make 1 call with desire recording source to generate recording - (Auto recorder - ACR - Cube)

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