How to create disposition and Forms


Last Update setahun yang lalu

BeTyphon has the customized feature of disposition and form creation with tree mechanism. We can go more detailed analysis by status marking in each prospect by employee.

1) Callback or appointment suppose to marked for disposition as the scheduled time need to be update and get follow for prospect.

2) "Tree mechanism" will help us to create disposition-under-disposition on any level. (Further sub-disposition can not created if callback/appointment get marked or form get mapped with disposition) - Note : Main Disposition can not be setted as Callback wherein subdisposition is available - it will be result as non-saving of the prospect in Betyphon.

3) While creating the final disposition "Form" can be attached with it which help employee to fill the proper information about prospect.

4) "Forms" also can be created with ot without "tree mechanism" as per need , as below screenshot. Forms help to get information of prospect as date, text, number, selection module, sub-form etc.

Note: Special charactor is not allowed in name for dispoistions/forms.

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