Idea to enable or disable the user in Betyphon


Last Update 2 года назад

Betyphon subscription works on basis of user count and expired the account accordingly.  We have 4 specific perameter for subscription which is visible on "My Team" page under "Manage Teams" block.

# Number of Subscribed Users - its a count of licence which subescriber opt for use. 

# Number of Active Users - Its a count of active user which is enabled for calling.

# Number of Total Users - Its a count of all users irrespect of enable/disable all users.

# Expiry Date - Its a date when subscription is getting expired

Note : 

1) Manager/Field executive/Users all are equal incase of licence subscription as count. Features are different based on type of account.

2) Surely, Subscriber can invite other users incase of any account not in use by Just disabling the specific account.

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