What is a campaign


Last Update 2 maanden geleden

Campaign is a collection or list of data that needs to be called by the user.

Campaigns allow's separation of one list of data from another list with specific user or group mapping to prospect list. 

Creating Campaigns allows a Subscriber -OR- Manager to (Check why multiple campaign's suppose to create and how its add value) :-

👉 Prioritize work e.g. in an car insurance renewal process in the month of February “March Renewal” Campaign may have a higher priority over “October Renewal”

👉 Compare performance e.g. if data is procured from multiple sources for data and can be switched as per need.

👉 Organize by purpose e.g. for Loans there may be a separate campaign for selling or upselling a higher data pack and a separate campaign for prospect.

Note - BeTyphon carry dynamic flexibility and allows Subscriber to decide how to organize Campaigns.

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