How prospect distribution works


Last Update 3 jaar geleden

Prospect ditribution mechanisum in BeTyphon are 3 ways - 

Pool Allocation : Our 99% users use this mechanisum for data distribution, By this allocation data will be allocated 1-by-1 to next available agent based on cycle-calling-process.

Dedicated Allocation : While uploaded the CSV data file, "AssignTo" option can be used for direct allocation to users. In "AssignTo" need to mention the email id of user as want to allocate the prospect. 

Selected Allocation : Easily Prospect can be allocated to user by selection.

Note : Cycle-calling-process allows you to make calls on basis of followup timings. Followups will be come on-time in "Start Calling" option. (E.g. - Subscriber having 1000 prospect within "enquiry" campaign. User-A "Start calling" in the Campaign then 1st prospect will be come on calling screen to the User. Now user will call to the prospect and need to update disposition code based on customer call status, as "Save and continue" will be placed to prospect then next available prospect will be come on calling screen based on fresh or followups prospects.

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