Phone getting hanged or buffering process while mapping recording or phone speed get slow


Last Update há 2 anos

These are the basic error which comes due to number of recordings or less space in phone.

As mention - while mapping the recording with recording folder phone getting hanged or buffering process is too long, we need to rename the current folder where the recording getting saved. Once new call happens it will create the recording folder with basic settings. (Its getting hanged becuase its filter the recordings from the date of user account creation to sync with Betyphon)

As mention - phone speed get slow, its happen due to less space of memory in phone. As recording generates - it consumes the space in phone till the time its not sync with BeTyphon platform/software. So atleast we need to speare minimum 500 MB storage to proper syncing process of recording with BeTyphon.

Note - Our system will sync those recording only which is generated after the user account creation which getting login on Mobile Application,  (E.g. If user account get created under the betyphon on 10 Nov 2020 14:00 then prior recording will be not synced)

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